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  12. Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, UCLA Anderson School of Management
  13. McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Arizona
  14. Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, WU Vienna, Austria
  15. The Florida State University, Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship
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About Us

The Pennsylvania State University
Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Smeal College of Business

Smeal College of Business
University Park, Pennsylvania

Program Overview – Entrepreneurship matched to EVERY Student

Penn State is dedicated to providing opportunities for ALL of it’s over 96,000 students to learn entrepreneurial skills. In today’s rapidly changing and uncertain world, every graduate needs to understand the differences they can make to wealth creation, social responsibility and international relationships. They need to be equipped with the personal skills and knowledge for creation of their own pathways in life rather than expecting existing organizations to lay out their careers. In short, they need to think and act like entrepreneurs. At PSU entrepreneurship as a way of thinking, not only focused on new company formation. To fulfill this rather daunting educational challenge, we continually experiment and apply the latest information technologies to deliver rich problem-based learning experiences tailored to specific student backgrounds, needs and aspirations. As a major research university, we emphasize that entrepreneurship education should be underpinned by the latest research in the field. This provides academic integrity to our programs and exposes students to the latest thinking.

Some Recent Representative Rankings and Recognition of PSU and E-Ship Faculty

  • 2003, Kauffman Grant to Development PBL E-ship Courses
  • 2004, Best Entrepreneurship Paper Award, NCEC
  • 2004, Invited Member, “Innovate America” Project – E-Ship Education Topic
  • 2005, Nasdaq Center of Entrepreneurial Excellence Award
  • 2005, Best Paper List, AoM Annual Conference, E-ship Division
  • 2006, Newsweek Kaplan College Guide, "PSU hottest school for entrepreneurs”
  • 2006, Kauffman Outstanding Entrepreneurship Educator Award
  • 2006, Exceptional Activities in E-ship Across Disciplines, NCEC Award
  • 2007, Fulbright-Hall Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship Award
  • 2008, $350K NSF grant to study network innovation
  • 2009, M&O Dept. Ranked #1 in Research Published in Top Peer-reviewed Journals
  • 2009, “IDEA Thought Leader Award”, Entrepreneurship Division, AoM.
  • 2009, Chosen 2010 Co-host with the Economic University of Vienna - GCEC conference

World Class Faculty and Research

The Farrell Center is aligned with the Department of Management and Organization within the highly ranked Smeal College of Business. Recently this department was ranked number one in the US and Canada having published more research papers in the top management journals than any other similar department in the United States and Canada from 2005 to 2008. Individual Faculty Members continually garner recognition for their research work For example, Tim Pollock received the 2009 IDEA Thought Leader Award for the best entrepreneurship research from the Entrepreneurship Division of the Academy of Management; Raghu Garud, research director of the Farrell Center was awarded a major NSF grant with Barbara Gray, Don Hambrick, was awarded the Distinguished Scholar and Distinguished Educator Award, AoM, 2008/09: Linda Trevino was elected as Fellow of the AoM,2006 etc.

Impactive Educational Programs

Penn State has offered entrepreneurship programs for over 12 years, embedding entrepreneurial content into over 50 courses across 11 colleges and 23 campuses. The pledge is to make entrepreneurship education available to all students at all levels whether their main interest is entrepreneurship or another field. Many of these programs are considered ground-breaking in terms of both their pedagogy and their scalability. Currently we offer:

  • An engineering e-ship minor in the College of Engineering open to all students
  • An entrepreneurship concentration in the Smeal College of Business open to all students
  • An entrepreneurship track in the resident MBA program
  • An entrepreneurship capstone experience in our non-resident EMBA program
  • Custom entrepreneurship courses in our executive education program

During the next academic year the following programs will be added:

  • A General Education Module on entrepreneurial mind-set for all sophomores
  • A post-graduate certificate in technology entrepreneurship via our world campus on-line platform for STEM students. This will be followed later with a full Masters in this field.

Creative Extra-mural and Outreach Support Systems

The Farrell Center has evolved several unique support activities for students, small companies, angel networks, economic development programs and high schools including:

  • “The LionLaunchPad” - www.lionlaunchpad.org, an on-campus location for embryonic student run companies with local mentors in residence
  • The $5.5MM Garber MBA student-managed Venture Capital Fund
  • An annual “virtual business plan competition” portal, www.ideapitch.smeal.psu.edu
  • An economic development collaborative innovation portal, www.innovatepa.org
  • Support of K-12 e-ship learning via its Center for E-Ship Learning
  • Internships with local VC firms, Angel groups and local small companies
  • Cross-Campus UG and Graduate E-Ship Student Organizations
  • Funded Visiting Speaker and Resident Entrepreneur programs

Contact Information


Director: Dr. Anthony C. Warren

Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
WU Vienna, Austria

E and I TU & WU Wien EC Vienna Wirtschafts Universitat Wien

Program Overview

The Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) has evolved as one of the leading institutes of the WU Vienna, the largest business school in Europe. The mission of the E&I Institute is to provide excellent teaching in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation and to conduct world-class research with a strong focus on the field of user-innovation.

The E&I Institute was founded in 2001, with the vision to create an institute that establishes a strong link between technology and business. Consequently, the main priorities of the E&I Institute are to foster knowledge creation and transfer in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation and to enhance the creation of start-up companies by graduates and professionals. The E&I Institute offers education for undergraduates and graduates as well as a professional graduate program, the Professional MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The E&I Institute has also been selected to provide a basic entrepreneurship training for life sciences PhD students of the European Union’s Marie Curie Research Training Network.

The WU Vienna is the largest business school in Europe. In 2007, WU Vienna‘s high quality standards were rewarded with the prestigious EQUIS accreditation. WU Vienna is the first and only Austrian university and one of only four universities in the German-speaking world to have attained this international accreditation. The international and practitioners oriented program “Master in International Management/CEMS“ was ranked 3rd among all European master programs by the Financial Times, while the WU Executive Academy MBA was ranked 52nd out of the 100 world-best MBA programs.

World-Class Faculty

The E&I Institute grew rapidly since its foundation in 2001 and counts at present 17 faculty members. The institute is led by Dr. Nik Franke and Dr. Christopher Lettl, two most recognized and internationally well-known researchers in the area of user innovation and entrepreneurship. The research of the E&I Institute has been published in internationally leading scientific journals such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Management Science, and Research Policy. In addition to its permanent faculty, the E&I Institute collaborates with an international network of leading researchers and lecturers in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. It also involves in its teaching activities a network of practitioners from leading companies in Europe.

Entrepreneurship Education

The teaching goal of the E&I Institute is equip students with cutting-edge knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation. The quality of the E&I program is oriented towards leading international universities and business schools. The courses of the E&I program at the WU Vienna convey to its students theoretical frameworks and practical methods for entrepreneurship and innovation. Most course formats follow a problem-based learning approach and have a strong emphasis on practice by involving the students in real-world innovation and entrepreneurship projects. In such courses, students work in teams with practitioners and experts from various fields such as entrepreneurship, venture capital, and consulting. Approximately 50 such real-world projects are being pursuit during E&I courses every year. Students can cooperate with business partners in following course formats:

  • Sources of Innovation: Finding radically new ideas for products and services
  • Idea Generation: Finding analogous markets for existing innovations
  • Business Planning: Setting up a new venture
  • Management: Managing innovative projects within existing companies

In selected research oriented courses, students learn more about recent scientific findings and how to conduct entrepreneurship and innovation research themselves.

The E&I Institute has been rewarded several times for its excellent teaching with prestigious awards from the WU Vienna for “Excellent Teaching” and “Innovative Teaching”. The high quality in teaching is reflected by the high number of student applications, making E&I one of the most popular programs at WU Vienna. Another indicator for the quality and impact of the E&I program is the fact that more than 70 successful start-ups have been founded by E&I students over the past seven years.

Activities of TU/WU Entrepreneurship Center Vienna

The TU/WU Entrepreneurship Center Vienna is a joint initiative of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) and the WU Vienna. While both TU Vienna and WU Vienna have a long history and an excellent reputation in their respective fields, there has been a lack of cross-fertilization between science/technology and business. The Entrepreneurship Center Vienna aims at closing this gap by promoting the commercial use of scientific research in both start-ups and established companies. The Entrepreneurship Center Vienna focuses its activities not only on the two universities but strengthens the link between science/technology and business in the larger Vienna Region/CENTROPE.

The best opportunity to strengthen the link between technology and business is by creating an entrepreneurial mindset among students. Therefore, one of key activities of the TU/WU Entrepreneurship Center is organizing and supporting events that foster collaboration and teamwork of international business and engineering/science students, such as the annual CENTROPE Entrepreneurial Case Race. These events enable the Entrepreneurship Center Vienna to reach even students that don’t have the possibility to participate in the E&I course program. During the Case Race, students from all disciplines from Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia get together to write a business plan on a business case posed by a real-world company. Other important annual events are, for example, the EC Vienna Venture Capital day, Venture Lounge Vienna and the Social Impact Award, an event promoting social entrepreneurship among students.

Contact Information


Director: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke
Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
WU Vienna
Nordbergstrasse 15
1090 Vienna